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Mar 26, 2019

Peter J.  Crowley is a fine arts photographer from New England, now living in Olympia, Washington. He has amassed exquisite photos and portraits from people and his surroundings in Norwich, New London and Windham, CT, and wherever he may find himself. But his works include prolific and international recognition. Listen to us talk about how we met, his artistic vision and practices as well as his hope for the future. His website is

Peter & his granddaughter, Inara


Peter J. Crowley has worked as a professional photographic artist and teacher for over thirty years.  Throughout his prolific career, Peter's work has come to exemplify not only his purist approach to the medium, but to many people, mastery of the sensuously precise image. His ability to interpret light as emotion has allowed Peter to reproduce the subtleties of tone and sculptural form that is so apparent in his superbly printed photographs. The popularity of his work has been enhanced by the technical perfection of his photography and his insistence on absolute control of the photographic processes. Peter's images have been published both locally and nationally.  Some of the numerous art and literary publications include Florida Design, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and The Sun.  

photo of author, Wally Lamb, by Peter J. Crowley

Peter J. Crowley featured in Thurston Talk:

"Norwich Ct. Coffee in my Office 2008" by Peter J. Crowley"Norwich Ct. Coffee in my Office 2008" by Peter J. Crowley


black and white photo of sculptor Arnold Prince by Peter J. Crowley


Wolman Jack by Peter J. Crowleyblack and white photo of a darkened room with a window entitled "Feb. 2019 Olympia" by Peter J. Crowley

Get Peter J. Crowley's photographic book:  "Another Door Entered: A Life in Photographic Art"

Peter's extensive gallery shows: