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Mar 12, 2019

Kristy Bowen, the founder and editor of  dancing girl press & studios has been a pivotal vehicle for promoting women poets and writers in her e-zine "Wicked Alice" and chapbook series at "dancing girl press".  Listen to us discuss how she started the venture, how she chose the name of dancing girl press, how she grew the press and studio, and her influences and creative processes as a poet and an artist in the book arts.

dancing girl press logo

Kristy Bowen is a writer and book artist working in both text and image. She is the author of  a number of chapbooks, zines, and artist book projects, as well as several full-length collections of poetry/prose/hybrid work, including SALVAGE  (Black Lawrence Press, 2016) and MAJOR CHARACTERS IN MINOR FILMS (Sundress Publications, 2015). Based in Chicago, she runs dancing girl press & studio and spends much of her time writing, making papery things, and editing a chapbook series devoted to women authors. 

You can download and read her chapbook:

"the science of impossible objects"  

the science of impossible objects book cover

To see more her insights, influences and processes follow her blog: