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Jul 23, 2019

Listen to Emily Vieweg discuss her journey to writing poetry with all the complexities and challenges being a single mother of two, and juggling a full-time job and creative writing classes, and surviving bad advice from well-meaning professors.


Emily's book coverConversations with Beethoven and Bach by Emily Vieweg
Emily Vieweg, in her chapbook collection Conversations with Beethoven and Bach, evokes an image of the poet who, deeply entrenched in the complexities of 21st century life as a mother, reaches across time to link with wit and grace her experiences with classical musicality. In her vignettes, so much turns on a single word such as “frolic” that evokes love and fear and changes in both society and environment.  ~ Clifford Peterson, 2017 ~ Taleamor Park Residency Director
Emily Vieweg is a poet and writer originally from St. Louis, Missouri. She earned her MFA in poetry in 2015 and has published two short chapbooks of poetry. Emily's poetic success includes publications appearing in Indolent Books What Rough Beast, Santa Fe Writers Project, as well as winning Best Performance Work in the 2nd Annual Human Rights Arts Festival for her poem, "Vision." Emily lives in Fargo, ND, where she is a single working mother of two, volunteer car wrangler, human rights advocate, and office assistant.