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May 21, 2019

Listen to Alonso Véner, a Costa Rican writer residing in Japan, speaks of how he started writing poetry and his new interest in writing short stories. His challenge as a Latin American writer living abroad writing in Spanish, is the lack of professional literary Spanish translators to help him translate his work for a wider public. If, after listening to the show, know of someone who may be able to assist him with that, please contact him at


alonso vener's book cover of "El Guardian de los Cuervos"

Alonso's short story collection!


You can visit his blog at:
His personal webpage: 
e-mail address:
The following is a translation of one of his poems:
When my waits come to an end,
and over the garden, there is nothing left,
I think I see your hand drawing my smile in the mud,
dragging away the petals of good-bye, of ashes,
like broken glass next to my window
are hanging chrysalis who teach me
there are always flowers beyond the storm.