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May 8, 2019

Marivi Soliven is the author of "The Mango Bride" that was published by Penguin Press.  She is a Filipina writer now residing in San Diego. Listen as she explains how she got the idea for the novel, how the novel made its impact helping Filipino women in domestic violence situations and what she is working on next.

Marivi Soliven's debut novel The Mango Bride (Penguin, 2013) won the 2011 Carlos Palanca Memorial Award, the Philippine counterpart of the Pulitzer Prize. The novel has been translated into Spanish and Filipino, and a film adaptation is in process, with a projected release date next year. Stories and essays from 16 earlier books have appeared in anthologies in Manila and the United States. When not writing or organizing literary events, she works as a telephonic Tagalog interpreter.

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